Master of Arts in Education, major in: Administration and Supervision

Revised 2011

Basic Courses
CGSR 511  Research Methodology                                            3
CGSS 512  Statistics                                                      3         
Internal Requirement
CGSH 525  SDA Theology of Man                                             3         
Required Education Courses (For Non-Education Graduate)
EDUG 213  Child and Adolescent Development                                3
EDUG 322  Principles of Teaching I                                        3         
EDUG 324  Guidance & Counseling w/SPED                                    3     
EDUG 411  Assessment of Learning I                                        3         
Major Courses
MEAS 511  Advanced Supervision                                            3         
MEAS 522  Educational Mgt/Administration                                  3        
MEAS 613  Human Resource Management                                       3
MEAS 624  Legal Bases of Education                                        3
MEAS 615  School Finance                                                  3
MEAS 628  Leadership Perspective & Practices                              3
Required Courses
MAED 513  Philosophical Foundations of Educ.                              3
MAED 626  Curriculum Development                                          3
MAED 617  Integ of Faith & Values in Learning                             3
Electives (AnyOne of the following)
MAED 627  Principles of Guidance                                          3
MAED 629  School Plant and Survey                                         3
MAED 623  Current Problems and Issues in Educ                             3
MAED 625  Special Problems in Education                                   3
MAED 616  Psychological Foundations of Educ                               3
CGST 611  Thesis Writing 1                                                3
CGST 622  Thesis Writing 2                                                3
Total academic requirements                                              45 units



MAED 513  PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION (3 units) Study of psychological development theories, and principles as they relate to the learning process, and evaluation techniques involving elementary, secondary, and tertiary school learners.

MAED 626  CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT (3 units)  This is a 3-unit course which dwells on curriculum development that aims to equip students on how to plan, implement and evaluate the curriculum offering of an institution based on its philosophy and mission. It also aims to develop the curriculum and the existing curriculum of their schools in order to provide quality education to its students and effect quality graduates.

MAED 629   SCHOOL PLANT AND SURVEY (3 units) Major steps in acquiring school site, development, and upkeep of buildings and facilities for effective teaching/learning purposes.

MAED 617  INTEGRATION OF FAITH AND VALUES IN LEARNING (3 units)  This is a 3-unit course which dwell on integration of faith and values in learning. It aims to equip students with the in–depth idea of faith and value. It also aims to provide ways and means in integrating values in the academic life of students inside and outside the classroom, school atmosphere and in the total life of administrators, faculty, staff and students. It will also develop the skills of the students in integrating Bible in all lessons making the academe Bible-based and will equip them to be active participants in the Great Controversy.

Major Courses

MEAS 511     ADVANCED SUPERVISION (3units) A study on the basic concepts and principles in planning supervisory program with emphasis on the different functions and problems of educational supervision at all levels – elementary, secondary and tertiary.

MEAS 522  EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT / ADMINISTRATION (3 units) A study of administrative theory and process-planning, organizing, leading and controlling – using the system approach in the analysis and evaluation of administrative practice and problems.

MEAS 613  HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (3 units) Personnel policies relative to recruitment, selection, appointment, salary schedule, in service education, continuing education.

MEAS 624  LEGAL BASES OF EDUCATION (3 units) Presidential decrees, circulars, memoranda, letters of instruction, school laws, etc relative to the administration and supervision of educational institutions.

MEAS 615  SCHOOL FINANCE (3 units) Financial management and policy aspects of educational institution, especially methods of developing unit cost, budget formulas for operations and capital facilities, budgeting systems, and source of founding.

MEAS 628  LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE AND PRACTICES (3 units) This is a 3-unit course which provides knowledge to students on the different types of leadership.It aims to prepare students to lead and manage people in the organization. This course also exposes them to different practices in leadership for them to develop a holistic perspective in managing the institution toward its goals.